When you are starting out in poker, you may think the cards you receive is the most important way to win. If you ask more advanced players, they probably will tell you that the key to winning is your poker table position. The reason this is important is because it dictates the order in which you bet. It may not sound important because everyone bets, but it is if you want to advance your game to the next level. There are three position groups in poker, early, middle and late. Understand the different positions will give you a better understanding of how to bet.

What you have to remember with poker table position is that it rotates every time the dealer switches. That actually is the reason why you rotate dealers. It gives everyone an equal opportunity at having a good position. The early position is considered the weakest. It is the first three seats after the dealer. This is the case because you are the first people to bet, so you cannot play off other people’s bets or emotions. You basically are going off your own hands, which will allow other people a better idea of what you have in your hand.


The next poker table position is the middle, which are the next three players. You have a bit more freedom with your betting in this position because the early group already went. The middle is a good position in which to be, but it is not the most desirable because there still are players after you. You still have to be careful with the way you bet so you do not give anything away to the remaining players.

Late position refers to the remaining three players, including the dealer. This is the best position, with the dealer having the best seat. In position play, the dealer is said to be on the button.

The reason that late position is the best poker table position is because you have seen the way everyone else bet their hands. This gives you a better idea of whether you should fold or raise the stakes higher. To be the best poker player you can, you have to be aware of your position. This should dictate the way in which you play weak and strong hands. Typically, you should be more reserved in the earlier stages, while letting go a bit in the later stages.