The third quarter FTOPS, by all accounts, was a huge success. It consisted of 34 tournaments, lots of players and big cash prizes. Draw games were added this quarter. Coupled with the Rush Poker games being offered, there was something for almost everyone.

Individuals good enough to make it to the money rounds were able to win a portion of the $20,000,000 prize pool. Eight of the event’s tournaments paid out overlays of $156,000. Event 14, considered one of the smaller tournaments, was a $75,000 guarantee that was only $2400 shy of this amount, most likely because it was a new game, Pot Limit 5-card draw.

Caio Pimenta performed extremely well. The Brazilian, now a Full Tilt pro, won $100,000 after he finished third in Event 22. Soi Nguyen also played quite well. He scored $78,000 and a FTOPS title in the Rush Texas Holdem Event 18. Annette Obrestad finished in 5th place in Event # 33.

The Full Tilt Pros had an excellent showing. They won 2.55% of the entire prize pool which adds up to $529,702 out of the $20,734,087 given out. This is particularly impressive considering the fact that they made up only 1.85% of the field. There were 1,133 Full Tilt Poker participants out of 61,309, total. One of top top Full Tilt Poker Pro performers was Felipe Montenegro. He accumulated four cashes. The top 10 pro players from Full Tilt earned $387,000. This gives the group the distinction of being amongst the best in the world.

In summary, this quarter’s FTOPS event was a huge success. It included 34 events with more then 60,000 players participating. The prize pool was a whopping $20,734,087 with the largest pool being $3,013,800 (Main Event) and the smallest $75,000 in the Five Card Draw Pot Limit (Event 14). The largest payout made to a Full Tilt Poker pro was $100,000 (Caio Pimenta). More then 100 Full Tilt Pros cashed. Overall, it was a great event for not only Full Tilt Poker pros but for the many of the players who cashed a significant amount of money.