Most of you by now have heard of or tried out Rush Poker at Full Tilt Poker. Rush Poker is the fun new version of online poker exclusively offered at Full Tilt Poker that allows you to quickly fold hands and move onto another hand. Well, Rush Poker just got even better. Full Tilt Poker announced recently that they have released on Rush poker mobile that allows you to play online poker, for real money, on your mobile phone or device. Only devices with Flash version 10.1 or higher are supported at the moment.

Play on iphone

So how does this work? Well, first of all you need a Full Tilt Poker account which you must do online. After you have an account you need to fund that account online. The mobile version still doesn’t allow deposit and withdrawal transactions but might in the near future. Once you have that all setup you can browse to or download the application for your phone. Android currently has an app in their marketplace that you can download for free. From there, it works exactly like it does online except you can play anywhere at anytime.

Has Full Tilt Poker made a break through in the mobile poker market? Until now sites have been very reluctant to offer mobile poker for real money due to the issues with service levels and players timing out. But with Full Tilt Poker jumping into the mobile poker game you can expect others to follow suit shortly. Give Rush Poker Mobile a try right away if you have a device that is supported! It’s fun, exciting and easy to play the game of poker on your phone.