The legend

Stuart Ungar Born to Jewish parents, Stuey started to gamble very early in the bar of his father playing gin and won his first local tournament at the age of 10. He was a gifted and genius kid who was always busy calculating odds, just like his mentor Victor Romano. Stu quickly dropped out of school to play gin rummy full time to support his mother and family after the death of his father. He took up poker in 1974 when he moved to Vegas. He entered the World Series in 1980 as his second Texas Hold’em tournament and won after beating Doyle Brunson in heads-up play. He became the third player, next to Brunson and Johnny Moss, the year after who was back to back world champion of poker. Stuey was infamous for his arrogance and criticizing talk at the table. But his memory and card counting ability was immense which made him also a feared blackjack player for the casinos. Years later he became a cocaine addict, which badly influenced his results, but not his game. He loved the action and was always ready to gamble and bet on anything. He won the WSOP Main Event in 1997 after he received the buy-in from his good friend Billy Baxter as Stu was deeply in debt due to his gambling and coke addiction. He wasted his earnings in the following months on crack and sports betting and saw every Vegas gutter, despite several offers from his close friend Bob Stupak. Stuey also won Amarillo Slim’s Super Bowl of Poker 3 times in ‘84,’88 and ‘89, when it was considered the world’s second most prestigious poker title. There came a movie in 2003 based on his life called: ‘ High Roller: The Stu Ungar story‘. His biography was published in 2005 and ESPN’s Emmy winning documentary about his life was broadcast in 2006 which proved that he’s still a true poker legend. Mister Stu Ungar is wildly considered as the greatest and most talented Texas Hold’em and gin rummy player of all time.

ID & career

> born 08/09/1953 in New York City (USA)

> died 22/11/1998 of a heart condition in a Motel room.

> was married to Madeline and had 2 kids, Stefanie and Ritchie.

> Nickname : ‘ The Kid ‘ or ‘ Stuey ‘

> is the only player who won the WSOP Main Event 3 times !! (’80,’81,’97)

> won 2 other Bracelets (’81 2-7 Draw/ ‘83 Seven Card Stud)

> was being introduced into the Poker Hall of Fame in 2001.

> won an estimated 30 million dollar in his career.