The legend

Howard Lederer Howard was a young chess talent, playing at high school and at Columbia University before he discovered the magical game of poker and he joined the famous Mayfair Club later on, where others like Erik Seidel and Dan Harrington were regulars. Howard is very famous for his analytical style at the table, for his long history of wins and for his instructional poker books, videos and camps. Combine that with his symbolic suits he wears and he’s correctly the one and only ‘ Professor ‘. Howard also has some other roles in the poker community besides playing and teaching. He’s the co-host for Poker Superstars and Learn from the Pros and he’s one of the founders and CEOs of ‘ Tiltware Inc. ‘, who are the owners and creators of Full Tilt Poker, along with Ray Bitar. Howard is a vegan and hod obese for much of his life, so he had a gastric bypass surgery to lose weight. He once won a $10,000 prop bet from David Grey for eating a cheeseburger. Of course, Mr. Lederer is a superb tournament and cash game player. He won AUD 1.25 million by winning the $100,000 NL Hold’em Challenge at the 2008 Aussie Millions, being the world’s most expensive tourney buy-in ever. He also won 3 Poker After Dark titles and was the first WPT Player of the Season. He has been a regular in the biggest high stakes cash games for more than 10 years, which is quite exceptional. He’s wildly considered by his peers as one of the best NL Hold’em players.

ID & career

> born 30/10/1964 in Concord, New Hampshire (USA)

> currently resides in Las Vegas with wife Suzie and son Mattias.

> brother of famous poker pro Annie Duke

> Nickname : ‘ The Professor ‘

> was 5th in the 1987 WSOP Main Event

> won 2 Bracelets (’00 Limit Omaha Hi-Lo/ ‘01 2-7 Draw)

> won 2 WPT-titles (’02 Foxwoods, ‘03 Party Poker M.)

> plays online at Full Tilt Poker as a member of Team Full Tilt.

> has Live Tournament Earnings of almost $ 5,600,000 (until 2009)