The legend

Gus Hansen Gus was a former world class backgammon player and youth tennis champion in his country before playing poker professionally in 1997. He calls himself more a professional gambler as well at as besides the table. He has made bets on several various athletic challenges, such as a tennis match with his good friend Patrik Antonius. Mr. Hansen is also a successful businessman as he closed online ventures with (now Betfair poker), and GusHansenTV. Gus has an unique style of playing, betting and checking. He’s mostly playing his opponent in stead of his cards as he can hold any two cards at any time which makes him virtually impossible to read. He has a very agressive style and he makes some loose plays from time to time. The Great Dane is a big and wildly respected player in tournaments and at the biggest cash games, being a regular in Bellagio’s Big Game. He’s featured in the Professional Poker Tour and on several seasons of GSN’s High Stakes Poker where I once played a memorable hand against Negreanu, called by Daniel ‘his biggest beat ever’ when Gus had quads against Daniel’s sixes full on a board 9 6 5 5 8. Gustav is the only player with 4 World Poker Tour titles and he was inducted into the WPT Wall of Fame in 2004. He also made 7 other final tables at WPT and EPT and he was the winner of season 1 of Poker Superstars Invitational Tournament. Mr. Hansen took AUD$ 1,500,000 for his Aussie Millions Main Event victory and his book ‘ Everyhand Revealed ‘ describes his hands and thoughts during that event. Gus was once voted one of the top-100 sexiest men on the planet.

ID & career

> born 13/02/1974, around Copenhagen (DEN)

> resides now in Monaco (FRA).

> Nickname : ‘ The Great Dane ‘

> finished 61th in the 2007 WSOP Main Event

> won 4 WPT-titles (’02 Five Diamond/ ‘03 L.A. Poker Classic/ ‘04 Caribbean Poker/ ‘04 Bad Boys of poker)

> won the 2007 Aussie Millions Main Event

> was the first winner of Poker After Dark

> plays online at Full Tilt Poker as a member of Team Full Tilt.

> has Live Tournament Winnings of over $ 7,500,000 (until 2009).