The legend

The Godfather in action Doyle was voted the #1 most influentive force in the world of poker by Bluff Magazine and here ’s why. He’ve played poker professionally now for over 50 years, he was the first player ever to earn $ 1 million and he ranked 2nd in the WSOP Bracelet wins (10), together with Chan but after Hellmuth (11). Big Papa is also one of two players, along with Bill Boyd, to have won Bracelets in 4 consecutive years. Doyle was a promising athlete and basketball player in his childhood, attended a university in Texas and holds a master’s degree in administrative education. He’ve been drafted to play for the former NBA team Minneapolis Lakers, but was injured at the wrong time. So he took a job than before he turned a poker pro a few months later when he had discovered his skills for the game which was the start of the one and only true poker legend. Texas Dolly started to play in illegal and dangerous games (gun was required!) around Texas and environs before finally settling in Vegas. Mr. Brunson wrote on of the most influential poker books in the world: ‘ Super/System ‘, with an update version 2 made in 2004 with the contribution of David Sklansky, Chip Reese and many more. Doyle is a regular at the biggest cash games in the world, mostly at the Bellagio. He concentrates mostly at those games and is still a world-class player at his age. His nickname ‘ Texas Dolly ‘ came from a mistake by Jimmy Snyder who didn’t announce ‘Texas Doyle’. Doyle always wears like a real cowboy, which he is, especially recognizable by his large cowboy head. He has 2 famous starting hands in NL Hold’em, namely the T2 off suit, which he won his 2 world titles with, both times making a full house. His second hand is the AQ of any suit, because he never plays the hand, recording his first book. Doyle is also very famous for his televised quotes, such as ” It’s always good to win the first one” or shooting “Boom” before the turn and river is dealt when two players are all-in. Mr. Brunson was recently in problems with the SEC, who investigate Doyle due to eventually violating of federal security laws. Court still must hear before making a verdict.

ID & career

> born 10/08/1933 in Longworth, Texas (USA).

> currently resides in Las Vegas, Nevada with wife Louise.

> had 3 children (Doyla died at 18), including famous poker pro Todd Brunson.

> Nickname : ‘ Texas Dolly ‘ or ‘ Big Papa ‘ or ‘ The Godfather ‘

> two times WSOP World Champion in 1976- ‘77.

> won 8 other Bracelets (’76 2-7 Draw/ ‘77 7-Card Stud Split/ ‘78 7 Card Stud/ ‘79 Mixed Doubles/ ‘91 NL Hold’em/ ‘98 Razz/ ‘03 H.O.R.S.E./ ‘05 NL Hold’em)

> won 1 WPT-title (Legends of Poker 2004)

> runs his own online poker room Doyles Room

> won almost $ 6,000,000 in Live Tournament Play (until 2009)