The legend

Dan Harrington Dan is a former backgammon champion, U.S Chessmaster and bankrutcy atterney. He’s one of the premium players from the Mayfair Club in the mid-1980s, along with others like Lederer, Seidel and Zolotow. He consideres himself as a part-time poker player(only for the money !) while he’s more a successful businessman. He owns and operates his own real estate and stock market company Anchor Loans. Dan is well-known for his green Boston Red Sox cap and for his solid, tight, agressive play with strict starting hands standards, which makes him one of the best tournament players in history. Mr. Harrington could be called ‘Mister Main Event’ for his deep runs in the WSOP ME. He was 17th in 1996, 6th in 1987, 3th in 2003, 4th in 2004 and of course did he won in 1995. His back to back Main Event final tables has been regarded as the greatest accomplishment in the World Series of Poker History. Besides playing poker, Dan is very famous for his series of instructional poker books, widely recognized as the “Poker Bible” for any NL Hold’em Tournament player, published by Two Plus Two Publishing and co-authored by Bill Robertie.

ID & career

> born 06/12/1945 in Cambridge, Massachusetts (USA)

> resides now in Santa Monica, California.

> Nickname : ‘ Action Dan ‘

> was the 1995 WSOP Main Event World Champion Winner

> won 1 other Bracelet (’95 NL Hold’em)

> won 1 WPT-Title (’07 Legends of Poker)

> played against Bill Gates at Harvard.

> has Live Tournament Winnings of over$ 6,600,000 (until 2009)