The legend

Barry Greenstein Barry earned a bachelor degree in computer science from the University of Illinois and studied for a PhD in Mathematics. He started to play poker then but he took a job for Symantec because of it would improve his chances for adoption, in stead of playing poker. He retired there at the age of 36. He also started PokerRoad, a poker website, with his stepson Joe Sebok, who’s also a very good and respected professional poker player. Barry is a well-known and respected Big Gun who’s one of the most successfull and fearless high stakes cash game players. He showed that with his appearances during different series and seasons of Poker Superstars Invitational Tournament and High Stakes Poker. But he also showed he can be a great tournament player. He won 2 other special events at the WPT, besides his Bracelets and WPT-titles. Mr. Greenstein is the author of the 2005 book: ‘ Ace on the River ‘, which is one of the most successful and best poker books out there. He gives a copy to every player that busts him out of a tournament. Another famous fact about him is that he taught former girlfriend Mimi Tran how to play poker in exchange for her learning him to speak Vietnamese. Barry has some famous oneliners such as ” LOL, Donkaments“, which gave him $10,000 after a bet from 2+2 Poker Forums, and ” Math is idiotic” after his well-known 550k suckout win against Tom Durr Dwan during High Stakes Poker. But as of 2008, Barry began to donate his net winnings to charities, primarily Children;Incorporated.

ID & career

> born 30/12/1954 in Chicago, Illinois (USA)

> resides now in Rancho Palos Verdes, California.

> has 2 children and 4 stepchildren, incl. Joe Sebok

> Nickname: ‘ The Robin Hood of Poker ‘ or ‘ The Bear ‘

> won 3 Bracelets (’04 NL 2-7 Draw/ ‘05 PLO/ ‘08 Razz)

> won 2 WPT-titles ( Fifth Annual Jack Binion World Poker Open/ ‘06 WPT Invitational at Commerce Casino)

> plays online at PokerStars as member of TeamPokerStars.

> has Live Tournament Winnings of almost $7,000,000 (until 2009)